Community Outreach- UF researchers educate patients and their families about our mission

The ultimate goal of our research is to help patients affected by various forms of debilitating vision impairment or blindness. It is essential that our efforts extend beyond the experiments we perform on our lab benches. Therefore, we continually strive to help patients understand the science behind their conditions and educate them about available therapies or ongoing proof-of-concept studies that could mature into clincal therapies.

Our goal is to stimulate as much interaction between clinicians, researchers and patients as possible, whether that be via email, a phone call or a tour of the research facility. This type of community outreach benefits patients but, more importantly, it inspires our researchers by serving as a constant reminder of why we do what we do! We are incredibly grateful to the patients that have shown an interest in our Department’s research program.

Christine Kay, MD, Sandeep Grover, MD. and Shannon Boye, Ph.D.
Drs. Kay, Grover and Boye give educational seminars at Foundation Fighting Blindness Jacksonville chapter
Shannon Boye, Ph.D., Christine Kay, MD and Hailey Osborne
An LCA patient visits researchers Shannon Boye and Christine Kay to learn about gene therapy. She treated herself to a barefoot run through the fountain afterwards!
Christine Kay, MD and Creed Pettit
Creed and his family visit Dr. Kay and the research team to learn about LCA2. We are incredibly grateful for their support of LCA research here at UF!

Creed comes to UF to celebrate Rare Disease Day

LCA patient visit
LCA patients visit the lab to learn about vision research and gene therapy. They might just get recruited as our youngest lab technicians!
Taking a tour of the lab to learn about gene therapy for achromatopsia
Taking a tour of the lab to learn about gene therapy for achromatopsia
An incredible family tours the lab to learn about LCA
An incredible family tours the Boye lab to learn about LCA