Sanders RPB Ophthalmology Histology Core for Vision Research

The Ophthalmology Histology Core operates as an equipment core, providing histological and tissue culture equipment to our research faculty for use in their studies of ocular diseases. The equipment in this Ophthalmology Core includes:

  • Confocal microscope: Leica SP8 scanning laser confocal microscope
  • Fluorescence microscope: Leica DMi8 fluorescence microscope with automatic slide scanner
  • Immunoblotting: Licor Odyssey CLx infrared scanner for quantitative imaging of western blots
  • Plate reader: BMG Labtech ClarioStar automatic plate reader with absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence
  • Histology equipment: paraffin tissue processor and embedding unit, paraffin microtome, and two cryostats
  • Tissue Culture equipment: Biosafety hood for tissue culture manipulation; tissue culture incubators; EVOS tissue culture imaging with fluorescence capability; Celetrix tissue culture electroporation system