NEI Training Grant

The Vision Sciences Training Program supports four predoctoral students and one postdoctoral student with the aim of producing independent investigators capable of sustaining productive research programs in the vision sciences.  The program is designed for training students in the areas of molecular/cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and immunology with particular focus on training in vision research.  Preceptors are selected with an emphasis both on the productivity of their current research and on their training records.  The training program is organized to rigorously instruct and reinforce skills pertinent to experimental science and involves a combination of coursework, independent research, oral presentations (in-house, national and international), written research proposals, and the sharpening of communicative skills through continuous mentor feedback and peer review.

The program is interdisciplinary and utilizes a core group of ten preceptors with active research and training programs whose primary and joint appointments span five basic science departments at the University of Florida College of Medicine.  The Department of Ophthalmology serves as the administrative and logistical center for the NEI training program, but individual faculty preceptors maintain primary graduate training appointments in the Departments of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, Neuroscience, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Pharmacology.  The Department of Ophthalmology adds depth to the program by providing exposure to current problems in clinical ophthalmology in order to acquaint the graduate and postdoctoral students with relevant clinical issues in vision.

Current Recipients

(lab in which TG work is being conducted)

  • Marcus Hooper (Ash lab)
  • Brian Rosmiller (Lewin lab)
  • Rachel Stupay (Hauswirth lab)
  • Miranda White (Boye lab)

Past Recipients

(degree: year obtained, lab in which TG work was conducted)

  • A. Afzal (Ph.D.: 2003, Grant lab)
  • John Alexander (Ph.D.: 2007, Hauswirth lab)
  • Shannon E. Boye (Ph.D.:2006,  Semple-Rowland lab)
  • Ryan Chastain-Gross (Smith lab)
  • Wen-tao Deng (Ph.D.: 2002, Hauswirth lab)
  • Astra Dinculescu (Ph.D.: 2002, Hauswirth lab)
  • Jimmy Dominguez (Grant lab)
  • Lee Ferguson (M.D./Ph.D., Lewin lab)
  • Jason Fritz (Ph.D.: 2004, Hauswirth lab)
  • Daniel Gibson (Ph.D.: 2011, Schultz lab)
  • Chandrakala Jadhao (MD: 1999, Grant lab)
  • Jennifer Kielczewski (Ph.D. 2010, Grant lab)
  • Li Liu (Ph.D.: 2008, Hauswirth lab)
  • Issam McDoom (Ph.D.: 2008, Hauswirth lab)
  • Judith Ochrietor (Ph.D.: 2000, Linser lab)
  • James Peterson (Ph.D.:-1999, Smith lab)
  • Wilda Orisme (Ph.D.: 2008, Smith lab)
  • Brian Raisler (Ph.D.: 2003, Hauswirth lab)
  • Paulette Robinson-Kuznia (Ph.D.: 2012, Schultz lab)
  • Renee Ryals (Ph.D.: 2014, Hauswirth lab)
  • N. Sengupta (Ph.D.: 2005, Kaushal lab)
  • Soojung Seo-Gibson (Ph.D.: 2011, Lewin lab)
  • D. Alan White (Ph.D.: 2006, Lewin lab)
  • Melissa Williams (M.S.: 2006, Rowland lab)
  • Lin Wu (Ph.D.: 1996, Boulton lab)