W. Clay Smith, Ph.D.

Academic Title

Shaler-Richardson Associate Professor of Ophthalmology

Contact Information

(352) 273-8794 (phone)
(352) 392-0573 (fax)






Dr. Clay Smith receives Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award
The Provost Office of the University of Florida recently announced Dr. Clay Smith, Associate Professor of Research, was named a recipient of a Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) award for the Fall semester. The FEO award is sponsored by the President’s office. See the full article here

Eyes are exquisitely sensitive detectors, capable of registering a single photon of light.  In my lab, we focus on how eyes achieve this amazing quantum detection ability.  Our primary interests cover the biochemistry and cellular biology of the early events in this process– how the eye captures photons, and how this information is reliably translated into a signal that can be utilized by the brain to form an image.  Since defects in this process often lead to visual complications, such as retinal degeneration and stationary night blindness, we anticipate that our studies will lead to therapies for these associated diseases.  In my lab, we utilize the tools of molecular biology, protein chemistry, structural biology, and cell biology to delve into these questions.

Publications from our lab

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