Courses and Workshops

Visual Neuroscience Journal Club (GMS6791)

A weekly meeting of faculty, post docs and students to discuss contemporary and significant findings in the field of Ophthalmology. Don’t be fooled by the title… subject matter is not restricted only to Neuroscience but to every aspect of the eye.
Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters from 1:00-2:00 in LG110A of the Brain Institute

Topics in Vision (GMS6709)

A five week course offered every other fall semester covering a broad range of subjects that are relevant to vision scientists. Lecturers are from within and outside the department and College of Medicine. A sampling of lectures from the 2011 course:

“Diversity and Evolution of Eyes”
“Light, Physiological Optics, and Photoreceptors”
“Eye Development”- Dr. Barbara Battelle
“Comparative Vertebrate Visual Systems”- Dr. Don Samuelson
“Electrophysiology and Visual Function”- Dr. Shannon Boye
“Blood Flow in the Eye and Diabetic Retinopathy”- Dr. Qiuhong Li
“Clinical Aspects of the Posterior Visual System”- Dr. Christine Kay
“Clinical Aspects of the Anterior Visual System”- Dr. Sonal Tuli
“Corneal Structure and Wound Healing”- Dr. Greg Schultz
“Therapeutic Approaches to Diseases of the Eye”- Dr. Bill Hauswirth
“Controlling Reactive Oxygen Species in the Eye”- Dr. Alfred Lewin

Center for Vision Research Monthly Seminar Series

In order to keep abreast of vision research happening outside the walls of the University of Florida, we invite speakers from all over the country and the world to lecture at this monthly seminar series. For a list of upcoming events, please refer to the calendar on our homepage.

Annual Center for Vision Research Symposium

Each year, contributing members of the Center for Vision Research select a specific focus and design a 1-2 days symposium around that theme. Invited speakers come from within our own University, other parts of the country and world. The goal is to highlight the state of the art by inviting leading researchers to present their most cutting-edge findings to our group. This annual symposium continues to catalyze collaborations between these internationally recognized scientists and vision researchers here at UF.  A flier from our most recent symposium (the 15th Annual Center for Vision Research Symposium) dedicated to “Inherited Diseases of the Eye” can be seen below: