Dr. William Hauswirth invited by Pope Francis to speak at the Vatican about his efforts to cure blindness

Dr. Hauswirth was recently invited by Pope Francis to speak at the Vatican Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and its Cultural Impact.  Created by the Stem Cell for Life Foundation and […]

UF launches Ocular Gene Therapy Core

The University of Florida announces the creation of the Ocular Gene Therapy Core as an adeno-associated virus (AAV) production facility. This core service provides customizable AAV production to match your gene […]

Dr. Shannon Boye partners with Genzyme to develop a gene therapy for childhood blindness

Dr. Shannon Boye, Assistant Professor in the University of Florida’s Department of Ophthalmology was recently awarded a $900,000 grant from Genzyme, a division of Sanofi, to develop a treatment for […]

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Gene Therapy Approaches to Enhance the Survival of Photoreceptors

Developing Gene Therapies for Devastating Forms of Blindness

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Bill Hauswirth

Dr. William Hauswirth and his collaborators share in a $1.2 million international award for developing a sight-restoring treatment

The 2018 Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award recognizes Hauswirth and his colleagues for developing the first successful gene therapy to cure an inherited human disease. The disease, Leber congenital amaurosis Type 2, or […]

Kait Calabro

Congratulations Kaitlyn Calabro for receipt of an F31 Predoctoral Fellowship!

Kaitlyn Calabro, doctoral candidate in Dr. Boye’s lab, was recently awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship. The overall goal of Kaitlyn’s proposal, “Exploring […]

Photo Astra Dinculescu

Astra Dinculescu, Ph.D. Educates and Advocates on Capitol Hill About Her Research to Reduce the Burden of Eye Disease

Dr. Dinculescu was one of only 22 emerging scientists  at this year’s Congressional briefing entitled Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of AMD and Retinal Diseases.  For a link to the full story, […]