Our Mission…

is to provide the intellectual environment and physical support system that optimally fosters new discoveries in basic and applied eye research.

Recent News

groundbreaking gene therapy research

AAV Vectors from UF’s Department of Ophthalmology were the first to:

1994 RGTG established

1997 Show in vivo transduction of photoreceptors

1998 Mediate rescue of a dominant retinal disease in animals

1999 Show that neurotrophic agents can slow retinal degeneration

2001 Mediate rescue of a recessive retinal disease in animals

2002 Show benefit against retinal neurovascular disease.

2002 Show anti apoptotics can slow retinal degenerative disease

2002 Mediate therapy for mitochondrial retinal disease

2006 Show safety in formal rodent and non-human primate studies

2006 Mediate rescue of X-linked retinal disease in animals

2007 Show cortical benefit after retinal gene therapy

2009 Mediate restoration of color vision in a primate model of color blindness