Ocular Animal Core

The Ocular Animal Core is an equipment core facility for studying the natural history of animal models of ocular disease, and for monitoring outcomes of therapeutic interventions in these models. This core space provides our vision research teams with the ability to maintain critical pieces of equipment behind the pathogen barrier, permitting longitudinal studies of the animals and interventions. This Ocular Animal Core is the only facility in North Florida that offers a comprehensive facility for assessing ocular outcomes in animal models. Also provided within this space are breeding records and schedules for our catalogue of mouse and rat lines of retinal disease models, providing investigators with rapid access to rodent lines of interest. In this facility we provide the following equipment:

  • LKC Technologies UTAS Visual Photopic ERG Diagnostic System
  • Diagnosys Colordome ERG
  • Diagnosys Celeris ERG
  • Phoenix Micron IV Funduscope
  • Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT
  • Leica-Bioptigen EnvisuR Spectral-Domain OCT
  • Leica M80 Stereomicroscope
  • CerebralMechanics OptoMotry system
  • HGM Compac Plus Ophthalmic Laser